Strength training (also known as body building workout, endurance training etc)  is a specialized physical training aimed at increasing the endurance level of the body through resistance training. Strength training helps in increasing physical strength, anaerobic endurance and building the size of skeletal muscles.  The training mainly includes Weight Lifting, Body-weight exercises and machines. At Otwo Gym, endurance training is done under guidance of certified instructors who would help you move slowly up from lower to upper level of resistance training with full safety precautions.


  • Builds muscle – Strength training builds body muscles on key strength areas of the body. Strength training however is not bodybuilding always.
  • Burns fat – Strength training helps you in burning body faster and with ease. Supplemented with a good diet, strength training can help you achieve your fat burning target very fast. At Otwo Gym, we have expert dieticians who would help you in planning and monitoring your diet.
  • Improves health- With strength training, you would increase your endurance, bone density and testosterone levels. It strengths vital functioning of your body, induces sleep and makes you a healthier person.
  • Builds confidence: With strength training, you regain confidence in yourself and learn to exceed you physical and mental limitations everyday.

Otwo Gym – Gurgaon includes strength training as a vital aspect of its fitness programs. The level of intensity is decided after good assessment of the member.