At Otwo Gym, we have developed three special Fitness Plans that would help you to plan as per your need. Each of the plan comes with the special care and attention of being an Otwo member; feel free to choose the one that best matches your needs.

Group Trainings

Group Trainings cover all aspects of fitness such as Aerobics, Cardio and Kickboxing etc. GTs are done on a fixed schedule and member works as part of a group lead by our expert trainers. Group Trainings help you in developing a community of comrades who keep you motivated to work hard every day.


Rs. 9,000
Half Yearly
Rs. 16,000
Rs. 28,000

*Please note: Registration fees is included in the fees.

*Discounts: Please contact us to know of our current discounts.

Personal Trainings

Personal Training at Otwo Gym are specialized training sessions planned keeping ‘your’ special needs and preferences in mind. In personal trainings, one or more highly skilled and certified personal trainer would assist you in your fitness journey. In personal training, you get personalized attention as and when you need. At Otwo, a good no. of members have chosen personal training and benefited greatly.

To start your personal training, please call us and we shall create your training plan and apprise you of the fee. Your training package will be customized as per your specific needs and preferences.