If you are looking for a Gym in Gurgaon that provides highly engaging, fun and effective Group Exercises, you would not find a better place than Otwo Gym. Otwo Gym members form a close community within and even outside the Gym. So, working in Group exercises at Otwo Gym is always a great experience. Your membership fee includes every class from Bootcamp to Pilates; so you are free to be a part of every group exercise planned.

Group Exercises at Otwo Gym include but is not limited to – Yoga, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, Body Pump,  Aerobics, Pilates and so on.


  • Variety in workout – In group exercises, you get to try your hands at a wide variety of exercises which would otherwise be quite difficult in individual exercise.
  • Join the community – Group exercises help you establish camaraderie with fellow members, thus you start enjoying even the difficult moves and feel motivated to visit gym every day.
  • Breaking workout plateaus – Breaking the workout plateaus becomes very important after continuous exercise for some time. Group exercise helps you counter that.
  • Improves endurance – Group exercises promotes higher endurance level as you feel motivated seeing fellow members even when you feel like giving up.

Group Exercises at Otwo Gym are one of the best experiences. Please check on the “Happy Members” section on our website to see the Otowians in action. The community is formed primarily due to Group Workouts and shared commitment of members to a health life.